The Anatomy Of A Garage Door

The Anatomy Of A Garage Door

Whether you’re looking to revamp your garage door, or you’ve had the same on your entire life, it’s good to know what you’re working with. Almost every garage door is made up of the same parts, but what do they all do exactly? Having a good understanding of the various components of a garage door is valuable when customizing a new door or conducting repairs on an existing one. So from Overhead Doors of the Grand Strand, here’s a quick rundown of the anatomy of a garage door.

Exterior Anatomy Of A Garage Door

Door Face – Your door face is what your decorative hardware contributes to. This part of the door also includes more functional pieces, such as panels, trim, and windows. Door faces can be made in a variety of materials from wood to glass to vinyl.

Door Frame – Your door face is mounted on your door frame. This provides a sturdy reinforcement for your door. These pieces are usually made from steel, aluminum, or other types of metals.

Door Joint – The door joint is where your garage door physically opens to allow entry. this can be broken into parts or doors depending on the style of your garage door face.

Weather Seal – Also referred to as a door stop. This attaches to the bottom of the garage door to keep the cold air and other elements from getting into your garage.

Lites – These sections within garage door windows, also known as panes, are distinct and separate from one another

Muntins – Muntins are the dividers that separate the lines within a garage door window. They can be either decorative or used for insulation, depending on personal preference.

Panels – panels are attached to the front of the garage door and come in a wide range of styles, such as V-groove, flat, raised, herringbone, tongue and groove, among others. Panel count varies depending on the type of door your garage door is.

Trim – Trims are mounted at the top of panels to act as a frame. These pieces divide the panels into parts and separate windows.

Decorative Hardware – Decorative hardware is exactly what it sounds like, decor to set you apart from your neighbors. This can include door handles, hinges or latches, pattern design, door knockers, or decorative clavos.

Interior Anatomy Of A Garage Door

Hinges – Just like any other door in your home, the hinges connect each garage door section. They bend with the door as they open and close.

Jamb – The jamb surrounds the interior garage door opening on three sides and is integrated into the structure of the garage itself.

Rollers – These small wheels allow for a smooth roll on the track as the garage door goes up and down. They are typically made of steel or nylon for longevity.

Track – The track is where your rollers live. This piece is responsible for allowing the rollers to propel the garage door open from the bottom. The track also works are a stopping point from the garage door fully opened parallel to the ground. When it comes to tracks, there are various options to consider, such as standard, low headroom, high lift, vertical, and roof pitch.

Sections – The horizontal components that move up or down when operating an overhead door are known as sections. When two of these sections come together, it is referred to as the joint.

Spring – Springs are used to counteract gravity on your garage door as it opens. This means that it can be opened by hand or with a remote.

Stiles – Vertical structures found on the back of each garage door section are called stiles. The door can have both center and end stiles, which provide additional support depending on its design.

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