Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Carton boxes and bikes in the garage

Spring Cleaning Your Garage

The seasons are changing, and that means your home’s storage needs may be changing too. If it’s time to purge old clutter and organize your space, now is the perfect time to clean your garage. As the weather gets warmer, it makes spring cleaning your garage that much easier. It offers more space to move, clean, and inspect your garage from front to back.

It’s easy to let your garage turn into a disaster zone, but a well-organized garage can work wonders for your home. Here are some tips from Overhead Doors on how to organize your garage so it becomes a more useful place for you and those who visit.

Top To Bottom Dusting

Start with the highest areas. You’ll want to start above head level and work your way down. Look for light fixtures, any garage door mechanisms, and the tops of shelves and storage areas. Dust and wipe these surfaces down as you go, knocking dust to lower regions as you move down. Then clean out your prime-time spaces with reachable shelves, tables, or even a workshop area you may have set up previously! Sweep and dust these spaces so they are ready to take on new projects.

Working from the top down can also help you get started on the next step. Don’t be afraid to move things around to get under or around boxes, tools, and other items you have stored.

Organize, and Re-Stack

The next step is probably what you thought step one would be: re-organize and re-stacking. Although you may not think so, there may be tons of extra space that you aren’t using. Take a look at your space before you begin.

Rethink your storage. Keep a checklist next to you as you go and make sure everything is organized in a logical fashion. There’s no need for tools to be strewn about willy-nilly – this isn’t the time to unpack or reorganize every box and carton. Just focus on getting rid of the clutter that’s currently stashed in boxes or bags on shelves, floors, etc. As you sort through what you have, think about which tools are most important to you right now and which ones are simply taking up space.

Utilize Your Walls

You can use pegboards if you have a garage workshop space and stacks of tools and most at-hand supplies on the walls. Pegboards bring everything to the perfect height and distance for you, and they’re a great way to maintain your active toolkit. Another great option would be installing hooks onto large parts of open wall space. This is a great place to hang larger, longer tools such as shovels, weeding tools, rakes, and yard work essentials.

Export Long-Term Storage to the Attic

Using storage in your house to keep unnecessary items out of the way is a great way to free up space and make better use of your garage. Most homes are cramped for space for all their things, including the garage. Go through those boxes you haven’t touched in several months. If they’re not for everyday uses, like decor or old clothing, bring them to the attic. Low-cost storage solutions like attic storage can be surprisingly affordable and give you more room in your home to use as you choose.

Many people forget about their attic space due to the extra steps and manpower of moving them up a ladder. However, most attics can be found in your garage anyway, giving you an extra space to house those unused items you can’t seem to let go of.

Set Up Parking Spot Indicators

Many people use their garages as activity spaces along the Grand Strand. However, if you are using your garage to house your car, make sure to install a parking spot indicator. When you want to park your vehicle in the garage, it helps to know where to glide it in smoothly. Set parking lot indicators by using reflective tape along the floor. Or, hang a tennis ball from overhead rafters at just the right height and distance to bump your windshield when parking is perfect!

Rebuild Your Workshop Space

Already have an existing workshop space, or looking to build one? This workshop is your opportunity to have the professional work area you’ve always wanted. Start from the ground up. Use pegboards for more efficient vertical storage of your tools and smart shelving for supplies. This can also allow more drawer space for smaller tools that can’t be hung, such as nails, screws, and sandpaper.

Clean and Check the Garage Door

Have your garage door inspected. Garage doors are often neglected in home improvements, but they matter every single day. They should be problem-free, safe, and secure. Their functionality is determined by a variety of parts including springs and rollers, which control the opening and closing of your garage door. If you notice that any part of your garage door is damaged or broken, have it replaced as soon as possible.

Making sure your garage door is secure can be a large part of spring cleaning your garage. If you’re going to organize your space, you should be sure to keep your belongings safe. Plus, cleaning your garage door brings cleanliness to your space and the exterior of your home. This is extra important for wooden garage doors as bugs can become an issue in the warmer months.

Transform Your Garage With Overhead Doors

Spring cleaning your garage is a daunting, but satisfying task. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your residential garage door or need a commercial entrance solution, Overhead Door Company of the Grand Stand™ is here to help. We provide the services that support you need, from residential to commercial.

For help getting the design process off the ground, call the Overhead Door Company of the Grand Strand today at 843-448-9124 to set up your free consultation, or check out our line of products to get started!

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